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Best Package Deal for Senior Executives with 15 years of experience:

30-minute Consultation

Executive Service Resume Reconstruction

Cover Letter Creation

Interview Preparation

LinkedIn Overhaul

Thank You Letter Creation

Professional Bio


• C-level management is also known as "C-level executives" or the "C-suite.": Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Operating Officer (COO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Chief Information Officer (CIO), Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO), Chief Content Officer (CCO), Chief Compliance Officer (also CCO), Chief Security Officer (CSO)/Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Chief Data Officer, Chief Innovation Officer (CINO), Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO), or Chief Green Officer (CGO)

• V-level management: Vice Presidents (VPs) and Senior Vice Presidents (SVPs) who report to C-level management.

• D-level management: Directors in various departments (e.g., Director of Sales) who report to V-level management.

• B-level management: Mid-level managers (e.g., Sales Manager) who report to D-level management.

Senior Executive Service (SES) Package

Excluding Sales Tax