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Download Green Revolution V3 - The Mod That Adds Cannabis, Illegal Drugs, and More to Capitalism Lab

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Twitter continues to periodically email that it found yet ANOTHER year-oldtweet with "guillotine the billionaires" in it and LOCKED MY ACCOUNT*dramatic chord* again. (According to the last twitter archiveI downloaded before they changed the format to remove the .csv file, Ihad 133 tweets containing the word "guillotine". None of the tweetsthey've managed to object to yet are in that file, because all the tweetsthey've found so far are newer than twitter breaking the archive format. They'rereally not good at this.)

For some reason stopped resolving a while back. (Well, it'san IP address that can't connect.) Hmmm... when I go there with webbrowser https fails saying it's "" but when I point itat that apt-get loops saying "ign" (ignored) on everything and retriesendlessly. (The http version because devuan built apt without httpssupport, and instead verifies signatures of the packages downloaded inplaintext, which is creepy in at least 3 ways.)The website instructions now say "", try thatin /etc/apt/sources.list? And that worked. (Is it because I'm in japan?I've upgraded from here before and it worked...)

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The infrastructure that does the bus generation (soc_gen) is a giant pileof the cloture dialect of lithp running under something called Leinengen,which somehow sucks in a java library to parse VHDL. This infrastructuredoes some important and complicated things, and does it well, but thechoice of implementation language seriously restricts the pool of peoplewilling to touch it, and its original author isn't available to makethe necessary changes by project deadline. (Plus the first time yourun "make soc_gen" it, it downloads over a dozen packages into the source repowhich can break if those upstream servers change and makes the build harderto run in a container. I thought it did this download per-install ofleingen, but it turns out it does it per-checkout of the j2 build.)

My internet brick stopped working. (It's a softbank 5G->wifi converterbuilt around a USB battery.) Apparently after 74 gigabytes of data ina month, it throttles down to the same tiny trickle my phone gets from the "freeinternational 2G roaming" my t-mobile plan comes with. It's enoughfor slack and email, but even audio podcasts only play for a few secondsthen stop to buffer for about as long. And you have to pause a youtubevideo and come back 5 minutes later to get a minute at the lowest quality.And did you know you can only download season 1 Lucifer episodes fromNetflix twice/year? It says it's a licensing thing. That's "download tohave on phone", not stream. I now have broadband at the office or out at Starbucks,but not in the apartment, so I've downloaded enough to mostly fill up thephone's memory (WHY do current phones not support SD cards?) and deletedsome stuff to free up space, then wanted to play japanese dialog of somethingfamiliar again...

Yes! Youtube-dl is back on github.It is a good day. It already hadits own site and I used that to downloadmy "learn japanese" playlist so I can run it in the background whiledoing other things, but it's good the RIAA got smacked down.(And oddly, github set aside $1M to defend their decision in court? I did notexpect that. Huh.)A lot of creators still make their living at least partially via IP law, but it'smostlya way forbillionairesto screw overcreative types, and these days even the big namesare findingother waysto fund their careers. We need universal basic income, and for things likepatreon/kickstarter/twitter to mature from private for-profit services topublic utilities like tap water, paved roads, and the fire department.In a functioning society, the majority of Google's services would be performedby the Library of Congress. Collectively, that would bring us about 3/4 of theway to Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek future, so we can't say we're SURPRISEDthat the guy who predicted flip phones and video chat got more parts right.

Unfortunately, despite CDC-ECM being a generic 20 year old USB 1.1 standardthat works the same for every device, Windows never shipped a driver for itin the base OS. MacOS has one, Linux has one, Android has one, but Windowsdoes not. Instead you have to pay athird party vendor around $30,000to add a new Vendor ID to their deriver, which is then signed by microsoft(which presumably gets most of that money) and loaded intothe Microsoft repository of drivers that will be automatically downloadedand installed when you hotplug an unrecognized deviceand click "search for drivers on the internet".

Why doesn't youtube have time range support? It has start anchors,which I use for example to pull out individual topics from my 2013 toyboxtalk in the toybox about page,but there's no END to the range. And you can't glue together multipleranges to edit out the interesting bits of a longer video (such as whenStephen Fry is talking in thisvideo). And youtube doesn't reliably use the anchor, both due to autoplayingthe video from the start and then jumping forward once more javascripthas loaded (which takes a second or so even here in japan with fiberconnections everywhere), and due to showingcommercials breaking sometimes discarding it entirely. That's why JohnCleese's excellentexplanation of Dunning-kruger (starting at 19 and 1/2 seconds when Ican only jump forward in full second increments) isn't useful to showpeople because the video starts by confusing ignorance with stupidity (notthe same thing at all), and of course the title has the word "stupid" in it.But in order to trim together the interesting bits of the video, you needto download it, use a local video editor, and then upload the new one whichgets taken down by a copyright stike. Oh well, I'm sure a new servicewill arise to replace youtube someday...

I've downloaded Linux From Scratch 10.0 and at some pointshould reconstruct an automated sysv build there, and then try to get it towork under mkroot; if that needs cmake or ninja I'll have to care, untilthen "make" is in posix. But I doubt I'll get to that before January,since I'm scheduled to fly back to Tokyo on the 14th and disappearinto the j-core mines through at least the end of the year. Gottaget a toybox release out before then...

Instead, I'm arguing with Netflix, which is surprisingly broken.The Japanese consulate emailed to say they've mailed out my permission formin the envelope I provided them, soI'm on track to fly back to Japan on the 14th. In the meantime,I want to listen to Japanese dubs of things I've already watched, to tryto learn more of the language. (If I already know what they're saying,and they're saying it in japanese...) Last time I was in tokyo Netflix hadjapanese everything, and I downloaded "Groundhog's Day", a movie I've alwaysbeen able to watch over and over. But that dropped out of the Netflix catalog becauseeverything does (RIP Person of Interest), and of course that took outmy downloaded copy with japanese audio because Capitalism Something CapitalismDRM Capitalism. (I'm pretty sure I've got a DVD ofit somewhere, but that's unlikely to have a Japanese track, and if Idid mail-order a Japanese DVD we get into "region locked players"because Capitalism Guillotine Capitalism Late Stage Capitalism.)

The real reason Netflix won't show me Japanese anymore is because theirinterface is terrible and has exactly one screen of options without theability to scroll, and it's selecting the WRONG DEFAULTS to populate it with.That is not a rights issue, that's lazy programming. And it's not noticingmy update from the web page because it has the wrong metadata cached, whichlogging out and back in didn't clear, but using Android's settings menuto delete the app's saved data will also delete my downloaded videoswhich I dowanna do. (I'm at 48 of my 50 gigs for the month before T-mobilestarts throttling me and EVERY video service starts working like Crunchyroll.It resets on tuesday. Yes, crunchycrunch's problem is obviously bog standardbufferbloat but try explaining that to them. Please, would somebody do that?Stop-drop-and-roll won't listen to me. And it's not worth fighting withif I go back to Japan in a couple weeks where I can't use it at allbecause they DON'T HAVE THE JAPANESE RIGHTS, yet none of the anime servicesIN japan have english subtitles. Anyway: netflix.)

Got an updated bitstream toolchain build scriptposted,which involved shoveling out one regression introduced by standardbit-rot (a package's download URL moved) and another that's sheer developerhubris (explained in the linked message, the rot13 is inexcusable).I need to add two more packages to get a proper bitstream rather than justa simulatable netlist thingy.

If you wonder why my working style involves downloading all my emailto the local machine and NOT involving crap like github in the productiveflow... I have multiple emails from Elliott where he closed a github issuewith a comment and I can't load the link to the github thread to seethe context for this new comment. I was trying to load the getty page offof to see if maybe getty.c should link to that as its standardand I can't load it. But comes up instantly.

I downloaded the wxWidgets source and the build does not know howto add the string "unofficial" to the name. I eventually tracked it downto the codelite IDEwhich seems to ship its own modified version of these libraries and thuschanged the name of the library,which means we can download their binariesand try to guess which version has the failing symbol names...except none of them seem to have the exact failing symbol names?

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