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Where To Buy Good Cologne

Launched in 1998, this enduring cologne is a cult classic thanks to its timeless, masculine scent. Fruity and citrus top notes of apple, lemon, and plum are balanced against a hefty floral and spicy base, including geranium, sandalwood, and vetiver.

where to buy good cologne

And even though buying a cologne unsmelled can seem like a bad idea, shopping fragrance online boils down to making really well-informed, educated guesses. There are many tried-and-true ways you can end up with a stellar new signature scent, or simply one of the best colognes for men. (Heck, you could do a lot worse than merely shopping our favorites for spring, summer, fall, and winter.) But that search also has to start with knowing where to shop, and where to do some research of your own.

I feel the main reason is a lack of basic information and education. Most men who use colognes and perfumes do so because they had a father or role model who introduced them to the practice. Here in the U.S., the industry is dominated by women and most men are ignorant of the terminology.

Fragrances have a three-part life cycle; think of an evaporating pyramid where the top slowly disappears until you reach the base. Each of the three sections contain individual scents, or notes, that are belted together into what you smell.

However, there are quality linear fragrances, as they do have their purposes. At work I may want to just have a citrusy/clean smell all day instead of a citrus that then turns into a musky leather after lunch. Contrast this to a date night where I might want a nice inoffensive fresh citrus that transitions into a smooth vanilla lavender as we end the evening.

A lot of discount retailers like Wal-Mart, Target, Kohls, and have open bottles of colognes to use as testers but unless you want your arms covered in competing scents and a headache the rest of the day, it can be hard to test.

A buddy of mine says he solves it by bringing his own fragrance sampler vials and just spraying the colognes directly into them. That way he can try several colognes and get enough cologne to try each for a couple of days.

With all the fragrances launches and emerging niche players, I tend to think of the cologne landscape as constantly changing. However, I was surprised by how many of these best-sellers are classics. Many of them have been reformulated over the years but I was still pleasantly surprised to see so many classic scents are still selling well.

Want to find the best smelling colognes for men in 2023? Below is a list of the current top-selling colognes. Some are the perpetual best-sellers, scents that everyone loves and keeps on their nightstand, others are oldies that have never gone out of style, and there are usually a few surprises on the list as well.

Style is less quantifiable but nonetheless extremely important. Part of this is just knowing your fragrance personality and what kind of impression you want to make. Some guys would like their scent to fly under the radar while others of us like to make more of a statement with our cologne.

Ideally, sample a cologne on your skin before you buy it. Experience the whole fragrance story from top notes (what you smell immediately), to heart notes (usually emerge after 20 minutes of wearing the fragrance) to basenotes (the lingering smell). Let it evolve and see if you still like it. If possible, experience all of them before you buy.

Scent notes are the layers in a cologne. There are three types of notes. Top note, the heart note, and base note. The top note will melt away into the heart (middle) note and the heart note will melt into the base note. These notes make a fragrance more interesting and help them to have diverse scents.

While there are some of the best smelling colognes that are versatile and fit in nearly everywhere, many are designed for a specific setting and purpose in mind. Consider where you want to wear the cologne.

In general, Oriental fragrances are sensual and spicy some of the best smelling colognes for a date or evening out. They have the spicy boldness to work well in the cool of the evening and have a more sexy edge to them.

At the top of our list of the best smelling colognes for men is this Bali-inspired eau de parfum from Blu Atlas. Made for the bold, adventurous man, Atlantis has a fresh and clean yet complex fragrance profile, and stays on the skin all day long. This confidence-boosting scent makes an impact without being overpowering, making it just as appropriate for the office as it is for a night out on the town.

Another one of our top spicy amber cologne recommendations is Luna Rossa Sport from Prada. This sophisticated eau de toilette is inspired by the adventurous world of extreme sailing, and is the perfect match for any man with a daredevil streak.

Bad Boy opens up with top notes of both black and white pepper, as well as zesty Italian green bergamot for a bright start. Once the cologne settles into the skin, middle notes of cedarwood begin to emerge, as do notes of earthy and herby clary sage and vetiver. At the base, spicy tonka bean and cocoa add a warm layer to the fragrance.

While the cologne is packaged in a classic and simple square bottle, the bright blue glass makes a serious statement. The reasonably priced EDP also gets bonus points for being cruelty-free and made without phthalates, parabens and sulfates.

Another sweet and warm cologne that is loved by both men and women is the always intoxicating Myrrh & Tonka from London-based Jo Malone. This long-lasting unisex cologne has an amber-forward fragrance that is well suited for the fall and winter.

Influenced by energizing wide-open spaces, this eau de toilette from Dior takes its cue from the great outdoors. The woody, citrusy, ultra-fresh cologne is a beautifully layered fragrance that can transition well from morning to night, as well as from season to season.

For an EDT, Sauvage has impressive staying power, which is likely why it has remained one of the most sought-after colognes since it was introduced to the market in 2015. The bottle is also simple yet modern, and made with ombre dark blue glass and a sleek black top. Dior gets bonus points for launching a refill program, which allows you to reuse your original bottle to help cut down on unnecessary waste.

The lightest option is an eau de cologne (EDC). EDCs have a 2% to 4% concentration of fragrance oils, and will typically last on the skin for one to two hours. That said, depending on the formula and how the fragrance wears on your skin, you may be able to get better longevity out of some EDCs.

Nordstrom gets our stamp of approval for always price matching similar retailers. Fragrances and colognes have extensive product descriptions, plus many of them are categorized by "style" and include a "how to use" section that'll tell you if a product should be worn solo or can be layered for a personalized scent.

The spice mix seems to be a cardamom and cinnamon blend, with the latter being weaker, and not to the same extent as the Viktor & Rolf cologne. That top is spicier, but the dry down is vanilla based and quite woody.

This Perry Ellis cologne is led by citrus and lots of it. The notes are a variety of lime, bergamot, and orange. This bright top is combined with nutmeg and cinnamon spice to ratchet up the masculinity of the scent.

These websites offer products for men and women sometimes discounted from 30% up to 60% from their retail competition. So, the next question you may ask yourself is if buying cologne online is 100% safe?

PRODUCT RANGE: Strawberrynet offers more than 33.000 products from over 800 brands with free shipping anywhere in the world. They have a vast selection of designer and niche fragrances in stock. They are still the most recognizable online fragrance webshop in the world. PRICING AND DISCOUNTS: Prices and affordable and you can expect a regular discount site-wide. You can earn shopping points in the reward program on every purchase, and then use your points towards future purchases like cash. Students also get 10% off.SHIPPING AND DELIVERY: One advantage that Strawberrynet has against other discounters here is free worldwide shipping. Most deliveries take 8-10 postal days, depending on where you live.

Eden Perfumes is a company out of the U.K. that will match your favorite brand name perfume or cologne with a 100 percent vegan and cruelty-free version. They rely on natural ingredients to create healthy blends that are free of animal notes such as civet, ambergris, musk, honey, milk, or castoreum.

Arcadia natural incorporates 100 percent plant-based butters and waxes, vitamin E, as well as essential and fragrance oils. Handcrafted with plant-based butters and waxes, the solid cologne is also moisturizing.

In addition to the last and projection, one factor that has to be considered is how long it will last in the bottle. Meaning, will it change when it gets older that one year or will it remain potent and true.I have found that colognes can change with the plastic in the spray bottle starts to deteriorate or some other physical or chemical reaction occurs after some time. I would never buy a bottle that lasts more than a year, regardless of the cost-per-ounce discount.

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