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The Art of Resume Tailoring

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Subtitle Family.History.Mysteries.Buried.Past.2...

If you can understand 70-80% of the dialogue with French subtitles, challenge yourself by guessing the rest from context. Try to free yourself from the need to comprehend every word. This allows you to learn in a more enjoyable, intuitive way.

subtitle Family.History.Mysteries.Buried.Past.2...

Only select episodes are uploaded at a time on 2DF. These uploads are normally the newest episodes, so you can watch this show in real time! Not every episode has subtitles, but those that do have them in German.

Videos have interactive subtitles that let you check the contextual definition of any word with just a click, helping you stay focused without getting lost in unfamiliar words. If you want to remember a certain word, you can always add it to your flashcard decks right from the video player and resume watching.

The British accents can be a challenge. Try turning on the subtitles if you have a CD or watching the hearing impaired airing that PBS usually offers. This was a tough episode to understand and took me a few times of re-watching until it all sunk in. Hope this helps.

There are also a few issues with subtitle timings for a small handful of scenes. The English subtitles sometimes ended too early or started too late. A robust scene navigation system helps mitigate this problem though. Players can instantly rewind or fast-forward in five-second segments at any time; plus, a chat log updates in real-time allowing players to pause mid-scene and read up all the dialogue that was previously spoken. 041b061a72

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