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Soy Rebelde [WORK]

"Soy rebelde" (English: "I am a rebel") is a Spanish pop ballad written by Manuel Alejandro and Ana Magdalena. It was released by British-born singer Jeanette in 1971, and was her debut solo single. It has been re-recorded by Jeanette in English, French, and Japanese, and has inspired cover versions in diverse genres from flamenco to punk rock and rap.

Soy Rebelde

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When "Soy rebelde" was released, the record label misspelled her name (Janette) as "Jeanette", but after the single became a "runaway hit", the label decided to retain the latter spelling as her stage name.[5] The single was played in Spain, but also extended to other countries, including: France, Belgium, England, Mexico, Italy, Argentina, and Venezuela.[1] The B-side was "Oye Mama, Oye Papa" (Listen Mama, Listen Papa).[6]

In 1976, Jeanette released the album Porque te vas, which consisted of French versions of her singles. "Soy rebelde" became "L'inconnu Qui M'aimera" (The Stranger Who Loves Me).[5][7] She also released the song as a B-side to her single Je suis triste.[8]

"Soy rebelde" was a commercial success and redefined Jeanette's career to that of a romantic balladist.[10] The hit single topped the charts in Spain,[11] staying on the charts for ten weeks.[12] It also charted in the Top 10 of Latin American countries such as Argentina,[13] Colombia[14] and Peru.[15] The song became a popular teen anthem throughout the Spanish-speaking world.[16] This generation "adopted Jeanette as a symbol of a desire installed like a scalpel in the subconscious of the collective memory."[17]

Varios artistas han realizado versiones del tema y ha aparecido en una de las películas de Juanma Bajo Ulloa. Es una de las canciones que más regalías ha dado a su autor y ha tenido un profundo impacto social al ser la dictadura tardofranquista la que buscó prohibirla por su letra subversiva que describe un rebelde frágil y humilde y ser considerada como un himno para la juventud. 041b061a72

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