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[S4E15] Loves Me, Loves Me Not

Meredith follows Katharine into the bathroom and again demands her chart back. She refuses to make an appointment for that. Katharine wants to go to the bathroom in peace. Meredith asks why she said that Meredith is a quitter and a coward. She thinks Katharine is trying to make her feel bad about her life so she can fix Meredith. Katharine says they'll talk about it in therapy. Lexie walks in and tells Meredith that she forgives her for her and Cristina treating her like crap. Lexie honestly doesn't know how Meredith gets up in the morning. Their dad abandoned her and her mother was the meanest person ever and she can't let Derek love her and it all really sucks, but Lexie has had this fantasy about her big sister and Meredith has completely failed to live up to the fantasy. But Lexie stills loves her, whether Meredith is capable of letting her or not. Lexie leaves and Katharine asks if 2 o'clock works for Meredith, who says yes.

[S4E15] Loves Me, Loves Me Not

Last week's episode of AMC's The Walking Dead was pretty grim, so it was no surprise that the show lightened the tone considerably for season four's penultimate hour. That's not to say everything was all sunshine and kittens. Even a relatively pleasant and optimistic episode of The Walking Dead is expected to have Walker attacks, gruesome effects, and plot twists culled from the darkest side of the human condition. In the case of "Us", the positive vibes stem from the cooperative teamwork of strangers and the reunion of lost loves. Hit the jump for my recap, and to learn why these groovy feelings aren't likely to continue at the end of the line. 041b061a72

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