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The Art of Resume Tailoring

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Download Quran in Word 2016 for Free: A Handy Tool for Copying and Pasting Quranic Text

Last but not least, this neat and handy application is also free. Some issues might appear when installing it, either because your system lacks some MS Office patches, or because the wrong package (32-bit or 64-bit) was downloaded. Anyway, other than these, there are no other downsides about it. If you need to have Quran texts at hand when using MS Word, then this little tool is great.

jadi tidak semua laptop menggunakan Microsoft Office. ada beberapa yang menggunakan WPS Office. jadi worksheetnya bukan Microsoft Word, tapi WPS Writer. berarti aplikasi quran word inn ini gk bisa di WPS office yah?

quran in word 2016 free download


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