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The Art of Resume Tailoring

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Project Slayers SCRIPT 18 07

The anime producer, Yasuyuki Ueda, commented that for Hellsing Ultimate he wanted to make it as an original video animation (OVA) instead of a television series due to the time limit that implies the former, and since he was a fan of the series, he wanted to take more time to "get more out of my system from the manga", adding that the OVA allowed him to do much more than the TV series. He discussed it with writer Yōsuke Kuroda and he agreed to write the script. Ueda commented, at the time, that various series were using CG animation, which he said that was "very time-consuming", especially when incorporating it to traditional animation, but that since the project would be an OVA, they did have the "luxury" to work with it, and that he wanted to use it for the weaponry and bullets to make them look realistic.[9]

Project Slayers SCRIPT 18 07

In March 2021, it was announced that Amazon Studios is developing a live-action film adaptation of Hellsing with scripts by Derek Kolstad. It will be produced by Kolstad, Automatik's Brian Kavanaugh-Jones and Fred Berger, Ranger 7 Films's Mike Callaghan and Reuben Liber, and Soluble Fish Productions' Jason Lust.[82]

Any registered user can create pages which is right, as they contribute to this project, but I think only auto-confirmed users must be allowed to create stub articles (unsourced). When a new user creates unsourced auto-biographies as: "Hi, I am Ravi" and "Mohan Kumar is a 12 year old student from Patna" :: an automated filter will stop the creation of such stub articles, if the account is not auto-confirmed. As "unsourced stub articles" can have notability, only autoconfirmed users can create stub articles.

There have been battles between proponents and opponents of Wikidata on whether we should use directly their data in the template. One strong objections, which I do not necessarily agree with, is that requirements for reliable sources in Wikidata is currently weaker than our requirements, and many data are unsourced. Without really wishing to discuss this, I would like to note that there are some things which do not need to be sourced (in the sense of WP:RS) since they come from our projects. One example is commonscat where we do not require sourcing by any means. If the template is there, anybody can check whether the category is available on Commons and whether it corresponds to the content of the article. Note that commonscat, if left without a parameter, shows the Commons category which is reads from Wikidata. (commonscat-inline apparently does not, it shows the category derived from the name of the article, but I hope it should be easy to fix).

If prior to deletion the article contained a photograph that was uploaded to the Commons by the creator (e.g., a "selfie"), consider nominating it for deletion there as "outside of project scope".--Fuhghettaboutit (talk) 17:42, 9 January 2016 (UTC)Reply[reply]

If there is a relevant Wikiproject then they can ask their questions there or in the talkpage of the related article. For your idea, how are people going to get notified of such a question and how will the reader know if there is an editor out there that considers themselves an expert on the subject? And to be honest, its a relatively small proposal. Its not something that would really improve Wikipedia because we already have Wikiprojects and talkpages. Its not "silly" its just not that intuitive.

If you could explain why we need this over Reference Desk/Wikiproject/talkpages? However, this sparked an idea where people can review articles and ask questions based on any particular "gaps" that could work well for a "ask a question". Something that if someone was looking into improving an article, they can look at the questions that the article brought up and see if it can improve sort of like something that pre-peer review/GAR. Lucia Black (talk) 19:09, 13 January 2016 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Apologies for English, where this is posted on a non-English project. We thought it was more important to get the consultation translated as much as possible, and good headway has been made there in some languages. There is still much to do, however! We created m:2016 Strategy/Translations to try to help coordinate what needs translation and what progress is being made. :)

For some time I have been collecting examples in Wikimedia projects in which there is some disagreement about whether an image violates personality rights and would require a model release to host in Wikimedia Commons. See examples in the discussion sections at meta:Grants_talk:PEG/Wikimedia_New_York_City/Development_of_a_model_release_process_for_photos_and_video.

Granted, I could use a new glasses prescription, but these titles are always a bit hard to read. A minor thing to many (especially those whose glasses prescriptions are just fine), but it's an easy fix too. 041b061a72

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