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Hyperfocus: The New Science Of Attention, Produ...

While stoners may roll their eyes at the stereotyping, science, it seems, is on the police department's side. Weed impairs our ability to think(Opens in a new tab), organize, and pay attention, studies have shown. And it's not usually associated with productivity and motivation.

Hyperfocus: The New Science of Attention, Produ...

[00:05:36] There are three things that really pull us in when it comes to the distractions that surround us. Like when you wake up first thing in the morning, chances are your phone wakes you up and maybe you pull it off of your nightstand and you bounce around between a stable of apps. The more pleasurable and threatening and novel something is, the more it attracts our attention and pulls our attention in. You look at Instagram, it's very pleasurable, it's very threatening when you see all of the things that we have to be envious of, and it's incredibly novel. The entire Instagram algorithm is tailored to pulling the most novel things that we could possibly direct our attention at forward in that explore tab at the very bottom. So, we draw our attention to those things. It's kind of curious when you begin to pick apart the characteristics of the things that attract and repel us because when you deconstruct the science of our attention, you realize kind of some curious things like that. 041b061a72

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