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Eat Locals

If you, like me, love authentic, flexible, meaningful, personal, experiences, without rushing or making you follow an umbrella (thats just embarrassing). This is the right company for you. For me, the most important thing when I travel is to have connections and memories not only in my mind but in my heart, and this is what I offer with Eat Like a Local, amazing food, responsible travel, personal connections with locals and memories youll cherish forever. Learn more about my company HERE

Eat Locals

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In simple words its to travel without being an a**hole. Its basically traveling with low negative impact to the local culture, society and environment, high economic growth for the city you visit, and of course cultural exchange and mutual understanding. Responsible tourism happens when the locals are dignified and empowered and the visitors get knowledge and and a comprehensive idea of the culture they visited.

For this to work, you have to know when locals eat. Mealtimes vary wildly from country to country and between cities and rural locations. One of the things I miss most about Hanoi is the morning markets. In late-to-rise Tbilisi where I now live, breakfast culture is just not a thing.

From where to place your order to what condiments to put where, all the way to making payment and tipping, if you truly want to eat like a local, you need to figure out how it all works. Try standing back and watching how the locals do it.

In a place where street food is more the realm of locals (Cambodia springs to mind), a food tour is almost a necessity if you want to eat like a local. I recently did food tours in both Siem Reap and Phnom Penh and got to try a few Cambodian dishes I had never heard of before.

Getting familiar with a new city and finding the best places to eat can be a daunting task. Determined to explore the city like the locals, we set out to taste Lisbon food, one neighborhood at a time.

Claire chose to have bacalhau assado na brasa com batata a murro or roasted codfish prepared with potatoes. This was a Lisbon food we had been by locals not to miss.

However, the warmth and delectable scents of meat sizzling were an invitation to stay. Though it was the middle of the week, the tables were packed and it was clear this is where many Lisbon locals eat. We found a table right by the entrance.

The Time Out Market in Lisbon has become one of the most visited and talked about culinary spots in the city. Since its opening in 2014, the food hall has attracted visitors and locals alike.

I definitely believe that eating at locsl restaurants of any country is the best way to learn about their culture and at the same time interact with the locals.I am sure you enjoyed your food tour

A favorite of locals and visitors alike, Maui onions are famous for being one of the sweetest onions in the world. Succulent, sweet, crisp, juicy, and mild with a delightful, unmistakable flavor, the onions are delicious baked, broiled, stuffed, grilled and even raw!

Honokowai Okazuya & Deli is legendary with Maui locals. The menu offers local cuisine that mixes traditional Hawaiian and Asian foods. If you want to grab-and-go on the way to the beach, they have a selection of quick bites. They also have a gluten-free and vegetarian-friendly section on their menu.

Eating out in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach is unparalleled, thanks to the dozens of extraordinary restaurants in the area. Want to dine like a local during your vacation to Alabama's beaches? Our beautiful destination offers so many fabulous restaurants that locals love.

At Beach House Kitchen & Cocktails in Gulf Shores, you'll find a variety of dishes prepared with fresh produce and seafood. The atmosphere is super casual, which is why it's a favorite amongst locals looking for a light bite to eat and a tasty cocktail after a day on the beach. They also boast a fantastic happy hour!

A relaxing atmosphere, panoramic views, live music, and a diverse menu are what you'll find at OSO at Bear Point Harbor. Nestled in Bear Point, a small community in Orange Beach, OSO has quickly become a favorite watering hole and eatery for locals. Come by boat, car, or golf cart to savor their delicious dishes and enjoy the best sunset on the island.

Every now and again, our locals feel like getting a bit fancy. Big Fish Restaurant in Orange Beach offers an elegant yet relaxed ambiance and exemplary cuisine. Open for dinner only, this restaurant has a robust menu filled with fresh seafood dishes, sushi, steaks, and more.

Whether through the highly structured affair of Japan's tea ceremonies or the simple pleasures of Malaysia's hawker stalls, sampling a country's cuisine in the way the locals themselves enjoy it is a sure-fire way of making your trip that much more memorable. Here are a few tips to turn you into a locavore:

It might sound like stating the obvious, but a higher ratio of locals against camera-wielding tourists and a menu written entirely in the local language remain pretty good yardsticks for whether a restaurant is local favourite. The test applies equally whether you're choosing a spot to eat at the local Chinatown or the bouchons in Lyon. And why not follow your nose and go where the food smells take you, such as local residents plying cheese and tomato pizzas straight from their kitchen windows in Cuba.

Joining a food tour with a local guide is a quick and easy way to familiarise yourself with where the locals shop and eat and even try some of the local produce. Numerous tours can be found on the internet, with one of the best by far, offering self-guided itineraries to legendary food destinations in America, like the barbecue trail around Memphis and top places for a lobster roll in Maine.

For gluten-free diners the tacos are the only option however we ordered a bulk of chicken with guacamole and shredded beef tacos to eat in our car. The Cerrillos Road location was a revolving door of locals; not a tourist to be seen. One local told me he thinks they have the best Red Chile in all of Northern New Mexico. 041b061a72

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